What is End Times LARP?

Sponsored by Endless Adventures Ontario (the makers of Fantasy Alive and Dormancy), End Times is a live action role-playing game set in a grimdark fantasy setting.  We are run by a community of volunteer enthusiasts, as a non-profit, charitable venture in direct support of Extra Life, a program of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

As an Endless Adventures LARP, End Times strives to be a welcoming and friendly game in which honourable players come together to create an immersive game world full of physical, mental and emotional challenges. We work to encourage a positive community to allow everyone to enjoy the game and have fun together. You can read more about EAO’s official policies here.

For regular updates on the game and what is happening in the community, be sure to check out our Facebook page.

What Type of LARP is End Times?

The Setting:  The world in which our game takes place is inspired by a particular grimdark, fantasy setting, which itself is loosely based on the real world and other fantasy writings.  This overall setting will help create the world behind the scenes and the general atmosphere in which End Times is set, but the immediate local setting(s) and the main characters that players will interact with are our own original creations.  While the game is designed to be fun for its players and will include some light-hearted elements, the setting is primarily a grimdark one and players should expect the game to touch upon some darker and mature themes.

The Story:  Aptly named, End Times is a story about the prophesied ending of the world.  In terms of background lore, we have maintained canon as closely as possible up to the in-game year 2519 I.C., after which there have been just a few minor changes made to allow our story to unfold in a way that all players can interact with.  Of course, from the game’s launch date in 2523 I.C. onward, players will have to wait and see what happens for themselves, or better yet, take an active role in shaping it.  However, players can expect that the overarching background plot of the game will include the following, run over the course of many years:  a slow build up to a great invasion of the Old World, the fighting of its bloody campaigns, and potentially how life continues in the aftermath of this storm of Chaos.  Will you join the forces of order in helping to thwart the efforts of the Ruinous Powers?  Or will you choose to aid the forces of Chaos in laying claim to this world?  The decision is yours…

End Times Chapters:  While the events listed above describe what may transpire on a global scale, players will experience the direct and indirect effects of these events in more localized areas, along with a host of other unrelated plots more relevant to that immediate setting.  The first such of these localized settings being offered is the Norldand chapter.  This game focuses on how the unfolding story of the End Times affects a newly-established and relatively-isolated coastal hamlet trying to survive and prosper during these tumultuous times.  There is likely to be a slightly heavier focus on cooperative civilization building, as the budding settlement of Neudorf seeks not only to survive its first few years in this harsh Nordland wilderness, but to expand and grow, perhaps even gaining a greater importance in the larger world.  This game has slightly more complex rules available for players to access, as it seeks to offer them a wider range of options for their characters to engage in, including economics, production, social maneuvering, politics, religion, exploration and, of course, combat.  It is generally geared more towards player-vs-environment challenges, where the characters are typically united against external threats.  Expect this setting, at least initially, to be mid-fantasy.  Magic certainly exists, but is a relatively uncommon sight to most, for while potentially powerful, it is both difficult and dangerous to wield.  Other End Times games might have a completely different feel to their events and offer different character build options, including alternate races, regions and skills.

Future Plans

In 2023 we ran a playtest of our Nordland game in Ontario, Canada, and are set to continue monthly events for the Nordland game beginning in September 2024.

It is plan to also create additional End Times chapters that are run simultaneously in other localized settings, each with a different feel or focus.  Such games would mostly use the same core rule set, but with some modification and additions to account for the different character build options and flavour of the game.  For instance, a game revolving around a Norscan tribe might focus on raiding different locations across the world during the warmer months and surviving the harsh Norscan environment during the winter.  There may be a greater emphasis on personal glory and challenges, as characters seek to prove themselves to the gods and earn their dark blessings.  The rules might be more streamlined, with a greater focus on combat, exploration and roleplay and less on things like commerce and complex politics.  If you have a concept for such an additional End Times chapter that you would be interested in spearheading, please contact us to discuss.